Invest, Develop, Manage

Since the early 1950's, Well Grounded Real Estate has been an expert private operator of multi-residential and commercial properties in Southern Ontario. ....

Well Grounded's philosophy is twofold: First, to support Toronto residents with the utmost quality in mid-market rental accommodations. Second, to support Canada's growing retail market with exceptionally managed shopping centres.

What We Do


Our philosophy is to hold quality properties for the long term. As such, all potential acquisitions and development projects are evaluated through this lens.


Well Grounded develops both apartment buildings and commercial properties for the purpose of long term ownership.


Well Grounded actively manages it's commercial portfolio. This includes leasing, property maintenance, and capital projects.

Purchasing Opportunities

Well Grounded is looking to acquire mid market apartment buildings and commercial strip plazas that are consistent with its portfolio and which are located in Southern Ontario. The company looks for opportunities both on and off market. Please feel free to direct any opportunities to our office using the below link.

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