Harry Diamond founded Well Grounded Real Estate (previously known as Terrace Manor Limited) in the early 1950's to build and operate apartment buildings in Toronto. Through the years—and 3 generations—the company has maintained its focus on long-term investments while expanding into retail and more recently sustainable development.

Today, Well Grounded Real Estate owns and operates a portfolio of apartment buildings, retail centres, non-real estate investment portfolio, and undertaking multi-family development projects. The company's most ambitious project is the development of  1925 Victoria Park  into a near net zero rental apartment building, a first for the City of Toronto and a major step in building design and production.

In the future, Well Grounded Real Estate aims to build on its experience by continuing to developing sustainable "missing middle" properties and carrying out deep retrofits of its existing portfolio. 

Our Management

Co-President Harvey Diamond
Co-President Bernice Finkelstein
Vice President Gabriel Diamond
Vice President Jonathan Diamond